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A couple times this Christmas season I went driving around looking at Christmas lights. This is one of my favorite Christmas "traditions." Load everyone up in the car and grab some hot chocolate and just drive around essentially creeping on other people's houses. But isn't it so fun?! 
Both times I went this Christmas season I found myself acting like a little kid again. I got overly excited about all of it and then I'm pretty sure I clapped my hands at the sight of the first overly-decorated house! However, each new sight brought it's own sense of wonder as the lights glittered off every surrounding. I remember thinking that I loved the feeling I had right then. My family and loved ones near, Christmas around the corner, and simply just relaxing and enjoying life. I wanted this feeling to last all the time and the realist in me shot that dream down. However, I then realized that with Christ in my life I have the option to have joy every moment of every day. No I will not always be happy but I will always have the option to claim my right in Christ to peace and joy and love. Christ has transformed my sin-filled self into a new creation with a special relationship to himself. I often forget this and try and do life on my own and to be honest I'm tired of it. I'm tired of the fear and anxiety and worry. This holiday season and every day in the future I have the option to trade in these things for the joy, peace, and love of Jesus Christ in my life. It will be hard at times and not the most fun but it will be worth it because in place of my own failings God has given me a renewed sense of childish awe at life. He has given me this life to follow his Spirit and to love with my whole heart. In 2014 I choose awe, joy, love, peace, patience, grace, forgiveness, and Jesus. Will you choose this with me?



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    My name is Erin Black and I am a recent college graduate with a degree in Religion. I work for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma in Student Ministry. I have a wonderful family, a loving boyfriend and a wonderful Savior in Jesus Christ. 


    November 2013