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Making Time


OK so January is coming to a close and I am just now getting around to my New Year's blog post! What a horrible blogger am I?! Let's just say the last few weeks have been as busy in my world as they have been in my head. Coming back from a couple weeks off work at my parents' house I had decided that this coming semester (yes, I still go by semesters..even though I am no longer in school) would be different then the last. I would be more involved, I would make more friends, and I would be more organized. These were my New Year's resolutions...even if I just called them "New Year's Guidelines." At the heart of things I really just wanted to be more passionate and make more time for the things that matter. Doing this takes a few more steps then I expected. It took a lot more "come to Jesus meetin's" than I expected too.

I had to dig through my heart and my life and figure out what mattered to me...what really mattered to me and I had to prioritize these things.

I also had to decide how I was going to make more time for these things that were important to me. More time doesn't just appear at midnight on New Year's when I've decided to come up with these "guidelines." We make time for what matters to us.

I also had to realize that there is overflow in my life. That all aspects of my life can change the others. This is a very elementary concept, I know, but it took my life getting out of whack for me to really take this to heart. That when I am not looking to God or focusing on Him and His Word that I tend to get CRAZY! Like overthink everything, put too much identity in everything, just all around crazy! This then affects my relationship with Trent (my too wonderful boyfriend), my friendships, my health, etc...

The realization that my life was a little (and by that I mean A LOT) out of balance made me prioritize the things that needed to be back in balance. These are the things that I needed to make time for. For me this meant less TV time, going to a small group, more real life conversations with my friends and family (and me being the one to start these), prioritizing my Bible reading, etc.

As I look at this list I think, "Wow! That looks like a lot!" But in reality I did not make a list of these things and then start marking them off. I started to do things that made me feel better and more balanced and continued to do these things because I didn't like my life without them.

God has shown me so much beauty in the small things in my life that I want to seek Him more and I want more of these things. I want more walks in the sunshine, more deep conversations, more quality time, more love, more laughter, more peace in the presence of God and less pity parties.



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    My name is Erin Black and I am a recent college graduate with a degree in Religion. I work for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma in Student Ministry. I have a wonderful family, a loving boyfriend and a wonderful Savior in Jesus Christ. 


    November 2013