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One Good Question


In the last few days and weeks I have been posed with the question "is it worth it?" Now, this simple question applies to multiple scenarios and circumstances. It can apply to every decision, interaction and relationship because we as humans place value and worth on everything. We desire to get the most reward for the least amount of, money, sacrifice. It's cold to say but it's true at the core of our nature. But in our hearts we desire to be invested, committed, and engaged. We desire that no matter what our nature says about it not being worth the work...that we still are a part of something bigger then ourselves, something we have invested in. This can be seen in a lot of areas of human life: marriage, work, raising children, relationships, religion, etc. The question that seems to echo through my mind every morning when my feet hit the ground is "where do I invest? Will today be only about me..again?" There are only so many days you can be happy while only thinking about yourself. Have you noticed that? I am the happiest when I forget my problems because I'm too focused on someone else. Let me just be honest for a second....I have not had many days recently where I feel like I have been so focused on someone else that I have forgotten my problems. My problems have been all-consuming as of late. But thanks to listening to my own father's sermon a little while back I started to think about a few things differently.  I started to ask myself if what I was doing was worth it and if Jesus was worth it. My first instinct was "Well, duh, it's Jesus!!" But then the logical part of my brain began to work through the syntax of that question. The "it" there begs the grammatical question of "what." What is "it" referring to? So I began to fill it in with various aspects of my life. They were hard questions to ask and they are hard things to give up when you really begin to ask yourself if He is worth it. My heart is still reeling from those questions and every morning I wake up only to process that more. I began to think (well aren't you just glad that I am making you go through every train of thought I have ever had! I'm sure you're just loving it!) about the calling that God has on my life right now and where he has placed me to fulfill that calling for this stage. It's in Oklahoma youth ministry. There are some long, heavy, brain-numbing days in this work. There are some days I wonder if I heard Him right because I seem to have no clue what I am doing! But then I think about all the students I have seen and have heard about from their youth ministers. Youth ministers, volunteers, mentors, pastors, etc whose hearts break for these students and who love them sacrificially. I then asked myself if the students of Oklahoma were worth it and the only answer my heart could resound with was YES and YES!! Students everywhere are worth it. Sometimes it is a daily reminder that they are worth it and that Jesus is worth it. If we are being honest...and shoot you know my whole crazmaniac (yes I made that up...but I kind of like it so it stayed!) brain by's not always a "duh moment" that Jesus is worth it. The life he has called me to is crazy paradoxical because for once I do not ask "what can I do for the least amount of work or investment." Instead, because of what he has done for me while asking for nothing worth anything in return (talk about not being worth it!) I want to invest and love others when some days I will get nothing back. We must get comfortable in this quadrant of life where we can love and love and love and know that God will fill us up at the end of each day with more then we gave out. So my one great question for you is "is He worth it? Are they worth it?" The "it" and "they" are for you to decide. 



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    My name is Erin Black and I am a recent college graduate with a degree in Religion. I work for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma in Student Ministry. I have a wonderful family, a loving boyfriend and a wonderful Savior in Jesus Christ. 


    November 2013